Cara Hackett Wants Her Voice to be Heard

For Cara Hackett, co-founder and Vice President of Communications for the Black Graduate Student Union, the opportunities to provide input regarding the climate of our country and its issues are relevant.

 “I personally don’t like the way the country has been going for quite some time”, Hackett said.

As someone who is clear with her decision to vote in the upcoming presidential election, Hackett stated her focus would lean towards the state and local elections that were taking place because of the more direct impact.

“The outcomes of these elections will have a greater effect on what will happen in my day to day life.” she said.

There were an abundance of issues that Hackett apparently believed should be discussed, however, there were a few  issues that she felt must be at the forefront of the political discussion. As a leading member of the Black Graduate Student Union, Hackett is a true believer of helping not only her people, but whomever is in need. 

“How local and state communities are equipping minorities or those who need it most with health care and adequate healthcare access must be discussed.”  Hackett said. 

Hackett acknowledged the immediate changes she would like to see. The implementation of Corona virus relief bills and employment opportunities at not only the presidential level, but the state and local levels as well. According to Hackett,  presidential candidates at all three levels promise the world to voters, however, the urgency and ability to follow through is non-existent. Hackett, persistent with her belief spoke on how local, state and country leaders must show more initiative. Despite the financial challenges of COVID-19 the bills have to be paid.

 “When the rubber meets the road where is that accountability and accessibility for all these programs, don’t talk about it, be about it.” Hackett firmly stated.

Hackett later provided input regarding American University’s ability to handle the issues that are present and to help promote change with social justice in particular. 

“No, I do not feel AU has the ability to promote change, due to how the University handles racist situations on campus. I have no reason to believe that we need any more Caucasian leaders leading this university to say what is best for a country that is increasingly going to be black and brown.” Hackett said.

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