President of AUCatholic is Hopeful for the 2020 Election

Maria Goitiandia President of AUCatholic

Maria Goitiandia is a senior at American University and president of AUCatholic, the university’s Catholic fellowship. Goitiandia is majoring in Law and Society with a minor in Philosophy and has spent all four years working with AUCatholic. As the presidential election draws closer, Goitiandia talked about issues facing the country,

“I definitely think with everything that has happened this summer, and unfortunately with George Floyd’s murder and the riots that are continuing to happen, I think that’s a big issue that is happening right now,” said Goitiandia, “As a Catholic it is very sad to see someone being discriminated against for existing.”

During the spring AUCatholic partnered with the organization Rend Your Heart, where AUCatholic livestreamed the Sorrowful Mysteries, a string of prayers meant to symbolized the death of Jesus Christ, on the rosary in hope of change.

On a more personal level however, Goitiandia said, “The pro-life movement is one of the most important issues for me. This is something I am convicted by based off different testimony and experiences that I’ve had,” stated Goitiandia. Members of AUCatholic annually participates in the March for Life, a rally in Washington DC calling for the banning of abortion.

The nominees from America’s major parties do pose a choice for many Catholics according to Goitiandia, as Joe Biden is a life-long Catholic,  but Donald Trump’s policies more closely align with many Catholic’s pro-life values. 

“The main important issue is that Catholics are trying to align their politics with church teaching, which is difficult when someone like Joe Biden, who is a Democrat so some of his policies are in sync with the Catholic church like immigration, and the environment, but you also have Trump who is the most pro-life president we’ve seen in history so it’s difficult,” said Goitiandia, “it ultimately comes down to what you believe is more important.” 

Goitiandia does intend to vote this election, though not entirely sure what it will look like in the coronavirus landscape, “I’d prefer to vote in person but whatever way I’ll have to vote I’ll do it that way.” 

Despite the numerous issues that have divided the nation in the run up to the election, Goitiandia remains hopeful about politicians’ abilities to combat these pressing issues. “I think that at the end of the day, regardless of the issues that face this country we have made great strides in certain areas, I am hopeful, but I think a lot of work still needs to be done.”

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